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Bracket Information
All brackets are made of durable cast metal mounting bases with
¾”x 31”  fiberglass detachable arms. They are installed using  ¾”
stainless steel banding and a band-it tool. The bracket arms are
attached to the bases with self locking hex bolts and can be
adjusted up to 3 inches up or down. This allows your installer to
set the banners taut.  The brackets have a tie down metal loop
used to secure the banners by using a cable tie.
‘Unique Solutions to your Banner Needs’
Volaré Banners & Design has over 30 years of experience creating
both interior and exterior banners. Our clients span the globe.
We specialize in sewn appliqué Sunbrella banners. Sewn appliqué
is extremely durable, colorful, washable, and has the appearance
of stained glass when back lit.
Volaré offers a catalog of designs or can work with your designs.
There is no additional charge for color changes from banner to
banner, that is the beauty of sewn appliqué.
Diana Aurigemma is an award winning designer, and as the
owner of Volaré (formerly Highflying Banners) she can work with
you to create a stunning Banner display within your budget.
Thinking of a
custom design?
Contact Diana directly to
discuss your ideas and
images for a one of a
kind banner project.
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Volaré offers the unique opportunity for custom-designed banners.
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